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Chace Crawford Online » Blog Archive » Interview with People

Posted On Thursday July 23rd, 2009 9:39 pm EDT

Hey again guys, there’s a new interview from People.com, Chace talks about his hair, his character new love interest, and more, enjoy 😉

Chace Crawford Sounds off on Hair, Love Interests and His New Digs
July 23, 2009

To all the girls who wept after Chace Crawford sheared off his signature bangs recently, he has a reassuring message. “It wasn’t intentional!” says the Gossip Girl actor, who is back to his feathered-over-forehead bangs that female fans know and love. “I was over in London and someone cut it too short and I had to go to an event and I threw it back and it turned out to be some big deal.” When he reported back at work for the new season of Gossip Girl two weeks ago, the actor, 24, “showed up on set the first day and said, ‘Listen…can we do my hair this way for the first episode? Because it’s a little short…’ . And it kinda stuck. It was good to switch things up, though.” While taking a break from shooting today, Crawford helped to launch Wii Sports Resort’s new interactive video game by Nintendo in Times Square, joking to People that “I was sweating, I’m gonna be sore tomorrow, but I won the speed slice!” Maybe he’s still sore from his recent move out of his shared apartment with costar Ed Westwick and into his own place in Manhattan. “I needed my own space and it’s a little bit secluded and I like that…I have my own privacy. I’ve been walking around a bit. I found a nice Chipotle in the neighborhood and that’s all I need. I need my Chipotle and my little coffee maker and I’m good.” Also a recent change is the addition of a new love interest for his alter-ego Nate Archibald, played by Joanna Garcia. “Do we kiss? That’s about all (we do)!,” he laughs. “She’s lovely, so it’s really difficult….” We can’t wait to see it, no matter what do Chace is sporting! –Natasha Stoynoff


Well, the man-bangs are back, lol! Okay beautious babe, though I’d love ya bald!

I really should do something productive today instead of spamming Enyel’s board, but I’ve sworn off being productive until school starts again. I never take a break -ever – but the last few months my health and blood pressure suffered from the stress, so I’ve been relaxing and now the BP is back down to vampirically low levels.

Still, I should do something to justify breathing oxygen, and to give Enyel a break, lol.

Thanks, Enyel, for all frequent updates and latest Chace news!

Sometimes it’s good for a change. His hair looks great with or without the bangs (but please don’t shave the hair or grow a ponytail..lol)..He really looked awesome playing the Wii.

PS Anon: I talk about gay men alot because they are my best friends. No gay man has ever tried to rape me; no gay man has ever drugged me. No gay man has pawed me on the first date or lied to me, and none have been two faced and stabbed me in the back like women.

The reason I like Chace is he appears to defy modern male standards; he seems demure, even diffident; always proper, never aggressive, more noble than savage. When men start acting like gentlemen and less like animals then my friendship may include straight men, and when women cease eating each other I’ll have women friends, but until then I’ll probably reference gay guys – the only ones who are sensitive and respectful to a single woman.


well there are alot of straight men who respect women n care for dem honestly…n yeh abt women well majority of dem are backstabbers lol…its weird when women talk abt women like dat lol..oh well but not all are like dat…i will say i m lucky 2 have amazing straight men and alot of noon backstabbing women in my life…
n cmon y wud gay men do dat they arent attracted 2 u…

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