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Posted On Sunday August 16th, 2009 1:35 pm EDT

Hey guys, I’m so sorry for the lack of updates but once again there aren’t many news or pictures, hopefully this week will change, and well just added the scans from Glamour UK and also the interview, as you can see Chace was #8 at Glamour’s countdown for sexiest men in the world, thanks so much to Mel at BLW and PBW for the scans, enjoy 😉

Guest Interviewer

“Overweight or underweight? I’m not that shallow!”

The Gossip Girl hunk who’s recently been cast in the remake of Footloose talks plastic surgery, what he looks for in a woman and the hazards of porn-star ‘taches

Back in our June issue, we offered on lucky Glamour reader the change to go on a Lunch Date with Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford. We asked for a killer question and the suggestions ranged from the cute (‘Will you marry me?’) to the creppy (‘What is your address?’). The winner was 22-year-old Anna Jones from Twickenham, southwest London, who grilled him about everything from his ideal woman to his home hygiene habits…

Anna: So my winning question was, ‘Would you rather, for the rest of your life, sing instead of talk or dance instead of walk?’

Chace: Tough one. What would you do?

AJ: Well, singning would be really annoying and I guess you could do a slow dance or perhaps some hip-hop…

CC: Yeah, probably dance instead of walk because singing could get a little too much and we probably talk more than we walk anyway. Yeah, dance everywhere, no matter how bad you were!

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he really is a wonderfull guy

Ooo, don’t be hatin’ on us older women now, Chace. You’d be surprised what a mature woman has to offer, IF she takes care of her body, her mind and her soul.
I break 21 year old hearts, not the other way around (and no, I don’t take pleasure in it – I just know when it’s not going to work out).

I have found the *perfect* girlfriend for Chace (other than myself, Lol), except she might scare him cos she intimidates me, and I’m fairly intimidating, I’ve been told.

Her name is Gina Carano. She’s from Dallas, Texas, has a year of college behind her (like Chace), loves sports (especially kicking ass), and is only three years older than Chace. Furthermore, she’s quite pretty with long brown hair and brown eyes.

She’s an MMA contender who, up until recently, was 7 to 0.

The chick is in fantastic shape – she makes me look small and frail – which, of course, is why she might scare Chace – he might feel small and frail too. (-;

But then, some men like feeling powerless next to a strong woman – as is evidenced by her significant male fan-club. (-;


thanks,I so need some chace piccys, the mag scans images are nice,he looks lovely sitting talking with the girl, although what stupid questions, of all the things she could have asked him,to actually have an audience with Chace, nuts questions such a wasted opportunity ,lol !!!!


She was lucky but if I were her I would prepare the questions very well. I agree with Jacquie…. what a wasted opportunity.

Awh – give her a break. It’s all in fun!

PS: I think Ed W bats for both teams. First he shows up in an Oscar Wilde shirt, then a James Dean shirt (both were closeted homosexuals). He’s one shirt away from striking out (or coming out – whichever comes first).

I think the questions were the same questions that everyone has already asked, but I don’t think she choosed them, more like the mag give the questions to her, a fan wouldn’t ask what she already knows lol 😛

Well, I don’t really care for the questions but I’m sure she’s one happy fan. Seriously, who could concentrate on good/unique questions when he’s infron of you..lol

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